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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Finding the perfect Fleshlight Sleeve

Fleshlights has to be the most ultimate male sex toy in the world. Like most men know… normal masturbation can give you hours of fun but can become a bit of task after a while. Most men have extremely high testosterone and need release almost every day. With this in mind, the fleshlight has been born. This tool can be more rewarding than any other male sex toy on the market at the moment. This toy is as innovative and sophisticated like the vibrator but only this toy is made specifically for men.
Most people know that masturbation is extremely healthy for man and women. It does not only regulate sexual function but also ensure the release tension and endorphins. The endorphin chemical in the brain is also called the pleasure hormone. This hormone can make you feel relax and has a soothing effect on your sleeping patterns.
The fleshlight looks like big flashlight. A sleeve is inside the flashlight box, this toy is made from flesh like material. The whole apparatus resembles the delicate parts of a women. You can choose from either the vagina, mouth or anus. You can choose any design depending on your personal choice. Design names include: Fleshlight Pink lady, Pink Butt, Pink mouth and of course the Pink Stealth. The list goes on.

When a young boy hit puberty, he starts to produce testosterone. With the coming of technological sex toys like the fleshlight it has become easier for a male to live out his desires.

The question remains?  Should couples buy sextoys like the fleshlight. I personally would say even though the fleshlight is solely made for men, this tool can be used as a foreplay device for the guy before having sex. In the event that the female would not like to have penetrative sex for whatever reason she can use the toy to give him the best sexual experience he will ever feel without a female counterpart.
With each tool designed in a different way, you can now get a distinctive sensation of extreme sexual delight.

The fleshlight-sextoys has also come up with a new design to increase the sexual stamina of a male. In layman terms , the tool can help men to prolong their sexual stamina. Some men have issues with penetrative sex. As soon as they insert their penis inside a vagina they tend to ejaculate. This condition is called premature ejaculation. This can be very disturbing for the male as he feels he may be letting his sexual partner down. With this tool he can train his mind and penis until it becomes accustomed to the feeling and thus improve his sexual well being.

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