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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Find yourself a realistic dildo

realistic dildos
With the major advances in technology, the people from adult novelty companies can now produce real lifelike dildos. By using materials and substances like Realskin you can now almost manufacture sex toys that virtually feel like the real thing. One such example has to be the so called realistic dildo, name aptly because of its lifelike appearance. Some people have mentioned that adult toys may one day replace sex with another person. I personally don’t believe this is going to happen in the next couple of years, as I have met no robot that can actually kill a spider and change a light bulb, but lifelike dildo do exist and provide the most realistic look, feel and sensation ever developed.

As the name suggest realistic dills were made to mimic the male penis. This kind of novelty penis comes in an array or colors, sizes and shapes; in fact some of the fake penises actually are a clone of a specific person, usually a well-endowed porn star. Women like toys that feel like the real thing, what better than choosing a penis replica that she has seen on television. We have mentioned that these kinds of the joyful toys come in different sizes, some only a couple of centimeters while other the size full grown arms. It all depends on the women’s taste in size, even though there is a common misconception that size does matter, sometimes women tend to enjoy the smaller dildo as they have to squeeze their vagina wall to feel the device inside of her, which in turn actually gives her a better, more powerful orgasms.

We have found that the majority of rubber cocks are made from either PVC Plastic or silicone. The making of toys these have become a much closed guarded secret among the biggest sex toy companies. Each of these companies have brought out their own versions of the realistic dildos, some calling their gadgets Realskin or even UR3.0 . The making of toys obviously stays the same in most cases. The inner layer is made from hard or firm silicone, which is enclosed by a softer more lifelike material that resemble the male penis.

Why do you buy a lifelike dildo

There is many reasons why people purchase a dildo, some would like to enhance their sex life by using it with their partner while having normal intercourse, others to enjoy the toy while masturbating, while others just want to feel something different, for example a different size or maybe a different color. We have also found that some men that lead a heterosexual lifestyle buy themselves dills so they can explore anal stimulation. Even though they are straight, they purchase such a toy so they may explore anal pleasure with their girlfriend or alone.

Buying your first rubber cock

Before you go out and buy yourself you first rubber dill, you need to check what it is made of. Your number one priority is yourself, and you need to make sure that you don’t hurt yourself by buying something that is far too big. You also need to make sure that the rubber cock that you purchase is made from phthalate-free material. If you are a newbie you need to invest in some kind of lubrication for yourself. Nothing more embarrassing than going to the doctors rooms, because you hurt yourself while masturbating.  In conclusion, find yourself an awesome penis dildo, that will suit your needs.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Masturbation Facts

Having an orgasm is almost like having a shot of pain killer in your body. The body produces high amount of its natural painkiller drug called endorphins. This will help relieve pain if you are suffering from anything like menstrual cramps if you are lady or backache if you are a guy. Women have noted many time that if they are suffering from PMS, then having solo sex can help with pain.

Younger people also have needs, this include sexual feelings. Rather than trying to avoid the subject, you need to talk to your son or daughter about the subject at a young age. You may feel a bit uncomfortable but talking about it in the open will definitely help as they grow older. You don’t want them to feel ashamed or embarrassed about touching themselves. Make it clear there is nothing to feel embarrassed about and that it is perfectly normal for you to masturbate. You do have to explain to them that of course that even though it’s normal, they have to do it privately.

Masturbation is natural and has a positive influence on health. With the help of masturbating regularly women can actually build up resistance against annoying yeast infections. Research studies have also shown that women that orgasm frequently may help to prevent endometriosis. This disease left untreated can actually lead to infertility.

You would think that men and women in a relationship will masturbate less but in recent studies we have noted that people in a relationship tend to masturbate even more and those that are not in any relationship. The reason for this is that having sex actually makes you more open to having solo sex when your spouse or lover is away.

If you are suffering from insomnia then you may want to masturbate a bit more before you go to sleep. Having sex with yourself regulate your sleeping patterns, and even help you fall asleep. Most men would agree that after they masturbate or have had sex, they tend to feel tired and in most cases have a peaceful sleep.

There are so many myths out there about masturbation. The following masturbation legends are ALL UNTRUE. You will go blind if you masturbate every day. You will not grow fur on your hands if you masturbate every day. If you have sex with yourself, it will not decrease his or her libido, it will not make anybody infertile and it will not have any effect on a guy’s ability to produce sperm.  In reality it may actually help men produce more sperm.  Women and men that believe that masturbation can ruin a person sex life need to adjust their ideas. Masturbating frequently can actually improve a person sex life. The reason for this is you can learn and teach yourself what you like and what don’t like. This will open you up sexually and also provide a sexual map for your partner.

Did you know that women can actually orgasm by just thinking about it; of course not all women have this ability but sure think this is really cool. For those who don’t have this ability need manual manipulation, this include their hands and of course adult sex toys. These kind of sexy toys were designed to provide sexual satisfaction without the help of a partner. Known as adult novelty toys or adult sex toys, or even sex aids, but we know them as masturbation sex toys.

Monday, 5 August 2013

How to get a girl to be better at sex

sex fantasies
It does not happen often but sometimes when you meet a new girl and you go to bed for the first time you realize that she does not actually know what she is doing. This can be become very frustrating. No guy or girl want to sleep with somebody that is a flop in bed. If a girl is a bit shy or she does not know how to perform certain sexual positions it can cause issues in the relationship.

If a girl doesn’t know how to perform in bed it does not actually imply that you need to stop the sexual partnership. To save this relationship you can use a couple communication techniques that may help. Please check the following recommended techniques to improve your sexual adventures.

Talk about your sex life

In some instances the girl knows that the sex life is not what it should be. The first thing you do is to start to talk about it. Make sure that you as the male are not to overbearing when you have this conversation. Explain to your girlfriend of wife that you think that your sex life can be a bit more adventurous. Explain to the girl that you are not satisfied with your current sex life. Also explain that if they can improve their sex life it will also strengthen the relationship.

Ask her about her Fantasies

It does not matter who you are, everybody has sexual fantasies. Ask your girlfriend of wife if she has any sexual fantasies that they may want to play out. Nothing gets a girl going more than playing out their secret sexual fantasies. As she explores her sex fantasy she will leave her embarrassment at the door and become more sexually active. Try to find out what she thinks is hot. We have found that most men only think about what they want in a sexual relationship, they don’t even think that the girl may also have fantasies. Both parties have to come to party, if the girl says that she would like to do something that you as the male would not normally enjoy, you as the male have to make a compromise and play out the fantasy. When the girl sees that you have to compromise your ideas then she may open up sexually and even play out one of your more seedy fantasies.

Make her feel special

If it means you have to do more date nights or buy her some flowers every week or so, make her feel special. Some girls will only do the necessary in the bed if they feel that this guy does not actually need anything special. Become the guy that can actually change her sexual attitude. If a relationship has been going on for years, sex can become a mundane exercise. If she feels that the relationship is not going anywhere, then the girl may not want to do anything special sexually. When a guy and a girl meet for a first time, you can feel the sexual tension but as time goes on, the sexual tension slowly wears off.  That is why it imperative that you keep your lover mentally and sexually happy.

Teach her to use a Sex Toy

Explain to her what you need sexually. Some girls may just be ignorant in matters of sex. Ask her if you can use a sex toy in your sex play. Studies have shown that using a male of female adult toy will actually increase sensation and also enhance your relationship. If for example you want to try out anal sex, then explain to her that you want to try something out that you have not done before. Slowly work up to it by suggesting you want to try out a new position or a sex toy.  If she agrees you can move up to more advanced sex positions and other so called taboo things.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Finding the perfect Fleshlight Sleeve

Fleshlights has to be the most ultimate male sex toy in the world. Like most men know… normal masturbation can give you hours of fun but can become a bit of task after a while. Most men have extremely high testosterone and need release almost every day. With this in mind, the fleshlight has been born. This tool can be more rewarding than any other male sex toy on the market at the moment. This toy is as innovative and sophisticated like the vibrator but only this toy is made specifically for men.
Most people know that masturbation is extremely healthy for man and women. It does not only regulate sexual function but also ensure the release tension and endorphins. The endorphin chemical in the brain is also called the pleasure hormone. This hormone can make you feel relax and has a soothing effect on your sleeping patterns.
The fleshlight looks like big flashlight. A sleeve is inside the flashlight box, this toy is made from flesh like material. The whole apparatus resembles the delicate parts of a women. You can choose from either the vagina, mouth or anus. You can choose any design depending on your personal choice. Design names include: Fleshlight Pink lady, Pink Butt, Pink mouth and of course the Pink Stealth. The list goes on.

When a young boy hit puberty, he starts to produce testosterone. With the coming of technological sex toys like the fleshlight it has become easier for a male to live out his desires.

The question remains?  Should couples buy sextoys like the fleshlight. I personally would say even though the fleshlight is solely made for men, this tool can be used as a foreplay device for the guy before having sex. In the event that the female would not like to have penetrative sex for whatever reason she can use the toy to give him the best sexual experience he will ever feel without a female counterpart.
With each tool designed in a different way, you can now get a distinctive sensation of extreme sexual delight.

The fleshlight-sextoys has also come up with a new design to increase the sexual stamina of a male. In layman terms , the tool can help men to prolong their sexual stamina. Some men have issues with penetrative sex. As soon as they insert their penis inside a vagina they tend to ejaculate. This condition is called premature ejaculation. This can be very disturbing for the male as he feels he may be letting his sexual partner down. With this tool he can train his mind and penis until it becomes accustomed to the feeling and thus improve his sexual well being.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

More Advanced Kamasutra Sex-techniques

sexual positions
Before we go on we have to take note that the following sex techniques can be very complicated. Before you try out one of these sex positions, you need to ask yourself if your body would be able to take the strain. An “awkward” position may lead to a serious injury and time off from work.
The writer of the kamastura is a man called Vatsyayana. He is well renowned Indian scholar and writer from centuries ago. In this book the Kamasutra he explains everything from relationships and how to make love.  We are going to explore the sexual part of his book – Sexual position.

Vatsyayana mentioned in the kamasutra that some lovers do not enjoy having sex on the bed or on the ground for that matter. They enjoy having sex from so called uncomfortable positions, where they might feel the danger or the discomfort.  He refers to some people who feel their “pleasure room” should be open for everybody to see.

The first position we will explore is called the Knee – Elbow position:  The male would pick his female lover up and place her back to some sort of structure(wall or pillar) . He will then pass his elbows under her knees and support using his hand to grip her buttocks. He will then enter her. She can then use her arms to hang on to his neck and shoulders.  As mentioned before this position should only be practiced for athletic of men and women. Also note it is advisable to start out by stretching before you start experimenting.

The kamasutra stag position is another standing position. This is another favourite among athletic types. The women stands, with her back to the male. She sturdy herself with a wall or structure of some kind. The male takes her from behind. He then trust and take shape around her.  If you like the female do not use a wall and then the female leans forward until her hands touch the ground. The male would then grab her on the waist to keep his and her balance.

The tripod position is another favourite among kamasutra readers. Both parties will stand, the female will wrap her one leg around her partner. She will then up her foot until it basically rest on top of his shoulder. If it is to difficult the male may want to grab her foot for easier position for her and him. Need to buy a sex toy, Please find us at

Friday, 8 March 2013

Fleshlight the best male sex toy ever

teagan presley
The sex toy market is flooded with thousands of products that claim to be the best male sex-toy on the market. Of course in most cases this claim is entirely untrue. These toys normally fail in their task to increase sensation.  The fleshlight happens to be different. The Fleshlight has receive the highest honour any sex toys can receive.. It has been selected as the best sex toy for men at multiple sex toys awards including the prestige’s AVN Awards. If this is not enough the fleshlight is the highest selling sex toy with over 2 million sold since its development.

Male sleeve originals

The fleshlight have changed a bit since it was created. A number of new developments have taken place. But you will be happy to hear that the original Pink lady is still being made and nothing has changed. The Pink lady has retained it position as the most selling male adult toy ever devolved. The inside of the pink lady is completely smooth which offers the most complete masturbation experience ever crated. Men who are well endowed or have been circumcised would not have to worry as the pink lady was developed with everybody in mind.
Men that have tried the pink lady have mentioned that the device have to the most realistic experience any man can experienced using a sex-toy.  Some men have gone as far to say that the sensations are in par and even better than having intercourse with real women.
The question has been asked from men –“What makes the fleshlight masturbator better than other penis sleeves?”
These male toys are made from a substance called real skin. As the name suggest, real skin feels exactly like the skin inside a women’s vagina. The only function of the sex-toy is to imitate the distinctive feeling coupled with sexual penetration. The entry point has also been designed to replicate the vagina lips. The whole sleeve is housed inside a casing which resembles a flashlight. The product can be cleaned effortlessly and expediently.
Does the product have any disadvantages?  Of course like every other object “toy” out there, this toy is no different. Men have noted that the flashlight series do use a lot of lube. The lube of course ensures that there is no friction.
All and all the fleshlight is a personal choice among men who would like to increase their sexual sensation when masturbating. You may want to choose the older version fleshlight called the Pink lady or you may want to buy the newer version, which include anal, mouth and porn star replicas

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Innovative Sex toys

The fleshlight is newest innovative masturbator on the market today. Specifically designed to give men the most realistic sexual experience ever created without a female partner. This toy is called the Fleshlight Masturbator. The designer team designed this toy using soft material that gives you interesting sensations which you will never be able to replicate using your hands. The toy is made with the penis sleeve in mind. The difference of course is that skin feels exactly like a real vagina. Also the orifice was developed from real vagina replicas which no penis sleeve can mimic. The male sleeve comes in different options, this include the anus, mouth and vagina. Each product feels exactly like to orifice it resembles. All you have to do is choose your “sensation”.

The Pink Lady

Better known as the so called original Fleshlight. Still the highest selling male toy among male users. This toy for adults resembles the vaginal lips. When used you can caress the lips and probe its depth. This toy will lead to intense orgasmic sensations. You will then know why this toy is the highest seller among all flesh-light toys.

The Pink Butt Male Sleeve

This toy was developed to feel like you having anal sex with a female. With this toy you can live out your innermost fantasies. Even though having anal sex can be rewarding for men and women, some women prefer not to use it. With the Pink butt Fleshlight you can now experience the full anal sex feeling. This sex toy has been designed to be bit tighter and thus more intense in sensation. Most users have had only positive things to day about this toy.

The Pink Mouth Fleshlight

As the name suggest this toy were created to resemble the mouth of a female. This mouth produces sensations just like when a female are performing oral sex on your Willy. Men are advised that using a male sex toy you need to use a sex lubricant. The lubricant of course creates glide environment and the lube also increase sensation depending on which sex lubricant you choose.
The Stealth fleshlight-toy is literally the original Super sucker. This toy is easy to use and clean and can last for a long time if you take care of it. This toy provides all the pleasures of a normal fleshlight. Again it needs to be used a lubricant.